Mike Robinson

International Bestselling Author


Mike Robinson is a renowned speaker on the subjects of life and a No.1 Bestselling Author, who works in a unique way. Mike’s work will take your personal development to a depth you didn’t even know was possible.

The membership allows you to do the work in the comfort of your own home or from wherever you are in the world.


The workshops are monthly and run from 1st Oct to 30th Sept and you can join at any point throughout the year, as all the workshops are recorded and you have access to all the topics of the monthly tasks, webinars,  etc, for the year that you join. The membership is renewed each year.


The topics will be subjects that are relevant to daily living, looking at the problems as well as the solutions. If these solutions are applied, then real change can occur in your life and you will experience a life that flows more with who you really are and not one limited by who you have become due to conditioning and fear.


The membership programme will cover many more topics than could be covered in a single workshop or even a weeklong residential. They are all aimed to delve more deeply into topics that would otherwise by impossible due to time restraints.


Mike’s work aims to answer your own specific needs and not just generalised answers. The workshop guides and supports you in your journey of personal development, not just in the workshop, but also in everyday life - where you can really make a difference!


You will build an online community with Mike and other members for daily support.


Online membership is very time efficient, saving you energy too! No more travelling, accommodation fees and/or child-minding fees, as well as the workshop fees themselves. The fee for the year's membership is  £370


This is a unique offer, as it is about looking at real problems and finding real solutions that ease the suffering of yourself and humanity. 

How It Works


The membership is held on a private Facebook page. At the beginning of each month, the subjects will be announced. A link will be posted on the private Facebook page with the date and time of the webinar workshop. This is free by using your laptop or computer and you also have the option of phoning in if you don't have internet connection. If you can’t make the live workshop, it will be available as a download for you to access at your own convenience.


There will be the opportunity for more reflections on the topic in the form of questions and answers to Mike live  on the workshop and on the dedicated Facebook page for members.

Mike says, "This avenue of sharing through technology has proven to work very effectively. I am looking forward to continuing the Online Membership and building a community network with some incredible people. Over this last year many have shared and given support to other members in dealing with the many issues of daily life. Online Membership can offer personal growth through communication as the year unfolds. I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to meet you on the membership page. I look forward to this year’s inner journey of discovery together."

Thank you,

Mike Robinson

Please FB meesage Jo Le-Rose

or email for further info on how to join and pay, thank you.

International Bestselling Author:

Mike Robinson